Our Nursery is staffed by loving and nurturing church volunteers.


Who can go to the Nursery? Children ages 0-2 years of age are welcome in the Nursery. Children must be checked in at the kiosk in the foyer. Your child will be assigned a pager # in case we need you during the service.


This is my first time putting my child in the Nursery so what should I do? We love making new friends! Stop by the Info Desk in the foyer when you arrive and pick up a registration form to fill out. The Nursery volunteers will take your registration form and give your child temporary tags for the day. The next time you come to church you will be able to check your child in at the kiosk in the foyer.


Who will be watching my child? The Nursery is staffed by loving and nurturing church volunteers. Volunteers will be ready to receive children at 10am.


Can my sick child come to the Nursery? Children must healthy to be in the  Nursery. Please do not bring your child is they:

  • Have vomited in the past 24 hours.

  • Had a fever in the past 24 hours.

  • Have a persistent cough/sneeze.

  • Show signs of a contagious illness. 

  • Complain of dizziness, blurred vision or pain.

Do you serve snack? Due to allergies and choking concerns we do not serve or allow food to be eaten in the Nursery. Bottles or sippy cups are fine.


What if my child has a dirty diaper? Our volunteers do not change diapers or help children in the washroom. You will be paged should your child need a diaper change.

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