Family Time


Use these easy, straight-forward lessons to create a Family Devotional time in your home! You do not need to own the board game. Just click on the title below and following the instructions for a great family time together!

You could either plan a FAMILY NIGHT each week and do all the components together.



Break up the lesson into 5 nights of shorter DAILY devotionals.

  • Day 1 - Object Lesson

  • Day 2 - Family Game

  • Day 3 - Bible Lesson

  • Day 4 - Discussion

  • Day 5 - Review and Craft

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Boardgame battleship.jpg
Boardgame chutes.jpg
Boardgame connect4.jpg
Boardgame sorry.jpg
Boardgame checkers.jpg
Boardgame jenga.jpg
Boardgame life.jpg
Boardgame hipps.jpg
Boardgame trouble.jpg
Boardgame operation.jpg


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