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Thursday Night Bible Study
Postponed until further notice

Our Thursday evening adult gathering will focus on prayer for our church, community and city. There will also be time to pray for personal needs and everyone is welcome. You can join us online or at the church building at 7pm.

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What Can We Know for Sure?

The Bible tells us there are certain things we can and should know as believers

This short study will focus on areas of the Bible where we are specifically shown we should “know” certain things.  Knowing the truth of God’s Word gives us a framework for the decisions we make and the path we walk.

Home Groups 

Join a small home group the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 4-5pm.

For fellowship  and simple discussion centered on Sundays message.

Prayer and Intercession as led by the Holy Spirit

For location and more details please visit the information desk at the church.

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